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hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> a killer heat wave is now in maryland. it is dangerously hot and humid outside. people are doing whatever they can to keep cool. this man stepping into a sprinkler, while these volunteers pass out water at patterson park. at the inner harbor, those who venture out into the blistering temperatures found brief relief at the fountains. and you know, it is just as hot in nearby washington, d.c. firefighters there are ready with stocked-up emergency heat trucks wwater misters, drinks and medical supplies. wjz has extensive first warning
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weather coverage. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are tracking how hot it's gotten and how hot it will get. >> all right. let's take a look at the temperatures around the region. we promised you it would get close to triple digits. and right now, the current numbers just coming in, take a look at these numbers around the state. temperature-wise, with 98. 100 wither ber -- with cumberland. dew point is at 73 degrees, which means the heat index is -- current temperature -- almost forgot. 95, westminister. but the heat index, there you go, 109 here. 109 elkton. 113 in washington. 108 down in pax river. easton at 110 degrees. and because of these high, high heat indexes, we do have warnings all across the region. tim williams in the outback with those. >> reporter: definitely, these heat advisories are in place. they have been in place all day long and now have been
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extended. we have an extensive heat warning in effect. we are going to be seeing temperatures like this throughout the next day. but that purple coloring and excessich heat warn -- excessive heat warns in effect. those warnings will go into effect tomorrow. and again on saturday, at 10:00, and in effect until 10:00 p.m. what you're seeing in western maryland, heat advisories if fac. but you're already seeing cumberland checking in in the triple digits. we also have a code orange air quality alert in effect. as far as how close we're getting to record temperatures, we are awfully close. these records for today, the record is 104. we're not going to quite get there today. but today, we're already flirting with 100. tomorrow, the record is 101. we fully expect to hit that mark. and on saturday and sunday, we'll start to see the temperatures drop just a little bit. 100 on saturday. 96 on sunday. the records are just over 100 on both days. we'll have your complete updated first warning forecast
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and answer mary's question on when you canee see re -- can see relief. wjz is live. derek valcourt is at the very busy park pool, where people are trying to stay cool in the excessive heat. >> they're doing it while having a good time here. obviously, they're jumping in here. a lot of people have come out to try to get some excessive heat from -- relief from the heat. already this summer, six people have died from the excessive heat. and we are smack dab in the middle of a heat index, triple- digit meltdown. >> reporter: it's been hot this summer. but this could be some of the hottest weather so far. dangerous for anyone spending long periods of time outdoors, but especially threatening for the very old and the very sick. in fact, city health officials so concerned they've opened an additional 12 cooling centers. and they're warning anyone, especially those without air conditioning, to go somewhere cooler. >> whether that be to a
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neighbor's house, it's really important for people to stay in touch with neighbors who are isolated and don't have anyone to check on them frequently. >> reporter: emergency room doctors see plenty of heat- related illnesses when the temperatures jump up. many of them too late to save. >> hypothermia. getting bitten by snakes. all of the environmental stuff, doesn't add up to people dying from the heat. >> reporter: in kind of weather can cause major drains on bge's electrical system. they bring on extra staff to help restore power. and help customers to conserve energy. >> reporter: doctors say it is a good idea to drink plenty of fluids. but they say don't just drink water, make sure you drink some of the sports drinks because they'll do a good job at replenishing your electrolytes. that will go a long way to make you stay healthy. we're live at druid hill park. >> so far, at least four people have died in the midwest from this heat. stay with wjz and first warning
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weather for complete coverage of the heat wave. for updated coverage, log onto we are following a developing story, a baltimore journalist missing in libya, may have been spotted. gigi is in the newsroom with the latest on the search for matthew van dyke. >> maryland congressman dutch ruppersberger confirms, there have been two credible sightings. 32-year-old matthew van dyke disappeared in march, while in libya, to write about moammar gadhafi. his mother was told that her son is in good health. now, sharon van dyke also says government officials are working to bring her home safely. but she won't say exactly how she got that information. mary, back to you. >> okay, gigi. thank you. van dyke traveled in the middle east before going to libya, where he planned to work on a book. willing to compromise.
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house speaker john boehner will approve the budget package, but not if it includes tax increases. boehner said today, the majority of house republicans want to find a way to agree with democrats. the tea party is taking it up today. likely to be part of the discussion when president obama visits the university of maryland college park for a town hall meeting. megan court was there today. >> reporter: the economy is sure to be the hot topic when president obama holds that meeting here. and ticket holders we spoke with say they want answers. >> thank you. have a good day. >> reporter: hundreds wait to ask the president, the tough questions. >> i would televisionally have to -- definitely have to say jobs. i think jobs is what people want to hear. >> reporter: recent college grads are still looking for their first job. >> definitely be nice. to hear a lot about job creation. >> reporter: many also
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concerned about the debt ceiling debate. >> we heard about it in the summer. i wanted to see how we can deal with that. >> reporter: teacher gates wanted to share the experience with her daughter chloe, a freshman at the university of maryland. >> she wanted to come and just get close enough to meet and hopefully get to say something to president obama. >> reporter: officials at college park happy the president will once again shine the spotlight on their university. we were honored the first time when he came here as a candidate and that he still considers us a place for him to come and get a message out. that's really important to us. >> reporter: this will be the president's 8th town hall meeting this year. in college park, i'm meg han mccorkle, wjz eyewitness news. vic carter will lead the team coverage at the college park campus, coming up tomorrow on wjz. maryland state police are investigating a fatal accident today in harford county. sky eye chopper 13 en route to
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the crash at 543, near the fountain green swim club. two vehicles collided just after 10:30 this morning. one person was pronounced dead at the scene. a second person was taken by ambulance to bay view medical center. two others were flown to shock trauma. the victims have not yet been identified. all right. let's check in on our roads right now, here's kristy breslin at wjz traffic control. >> hi, mary. hi, everyone. trouble out there on the harbor tunnel throughway in the northbound direction. we have an accident there, at the tunnel, blocking all lanes. traffic is being diverted onto child street at this time. as far as the beltway itself, 10 minutes on the west side inner loop, from baltimore national pike to liberty road. the outer loop also slow there from liberty road to 70. average speed about 40 miles an hour. southbound on the jones falls expressway. a disabled vehicle there blocking the right-hand lane as you make your approach to northern parkway. others include pulaski at whitemarsh boulevard. and beaver dam at gilroy road.
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that is a look at the west side there at baltimore national pike. this traffic report is brought to you by the maryland science center. welcome to the summer of irresponsible science, with nonstop experiments that stop, pop and drop at the maryland science center. back to you. >> thank you, kristy. a bittersweet moment. today, the final flight landed for the first ever. the landing ends an era in american men's space flight. >> reporter: it was a moment of joy and sorrow at the kennedy space center, as nasa workers took a final look at the shuttle atlantis. >> reporter: the four astronauts, fresh off the 5 million-mile mission thanked everyone for decades of service. >> the pride you take in the work. the dedication, the passion. you are what make its possible for us to have these very challenging missions and succeed. >> reporter: it is a tough day here for employees and not just
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for sentimental reasons. 2,000 workers, include bus drivers and scientists, are now out of a job. >> it's going to be strange not coming up here. >> reporter: after 27 years, engineer glen davis is polishing off his resume. >> there's a lot of experience underneath this old skin. >> for 30 years, the shuttle has been a way of life on the coast. but now, many americans are losing interest in space exploration. >> this country needs to have the space program running, all the time. >> thank you, columbia. challenger, discovery, endeavour; thank you for protecting us and bringing this program to an end. >> the ending of an era and the being of un -- beginning of uncertain future in space flight. manuel gallegus, wjz eyewitness news. >> the white house is promising to go beyond low-orbit space exploration. first up, astronaut 2025.
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and midmarry -- midmars after that. >> will we still be alive? >> i don't know. it's an rage old -- age-old pastime. chasing and collecting frogs. but the warning for all parents to hear. disgraceful. it's a sad commentary that 2011, that this could happen. >> emotional reaction to a drowning. the latest on the shocking story. pricey interview. a producer says he scooped the casey anthony interview. wait until you hear how much he is paying her. a stubborn heat wave is melting maryland. the dangerously high degrees. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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breaking news just into wjz eyewitness news about the officer shot in southwest
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baltimore late tuesday night. a 24-year-old officer was shot while responding to a domestic violence call near gwens falls park. the bullet hit in the head. now, city police say the officer may have been targeted and lured to the office by the domestic violence call. we will have a complete report new at 5:00. three hikers are now pronounced dead after they were swept over a 300-foot waterfall in yosemite national park. this happened on a church group outing. after two days, the search team is still trying to recover the missing hikers' body. the hikers' church held a prayer service the day the three people were lost, they refer to them as role models. the rescue of a canadian man who hadn't left his house in weeks. police were called to his house by a gardener who hadn't seen him in more than a month.
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police found him after digging through a pile of debris. social services say it is unlikely the elderly man will be allowed to return to his home. an investigation into how it was not known a woman drowned in a swimming pool. >> reporter: as a result of the cloudiness, dcr's investigative team believes the pool should not have opened on sunday, june 26th. >> reporter: word from the top at dcr, the fall river pool never should have been opened when marie joseph drowned because the water was so murky that day. >> disgraceful. it's a sad commentary that 2011, that this could happen. >> reporter: the dcr commissioner announced today, the pool manager, the assistant manager, and their supervisor have all agreed to resign. the district director and lifeguards are still on leave. >> there's a specific policy that we believe was not complied with at this time.
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>> reporter: the investigators are still trying to determine exactly why the water was so murky. but we do know the pool's chlorine system had gone down the day before. >> reporter: surveillance video shows joseph went down the slide. and within six seconds was under water for good. her body wasn't found for 2 1/2 days. they say there's no evidence anyone ever warned lifeguards about joseph, but they say it was clear there was way too much activity in the deep end for one guard. in addition to the resignations, the commissioner is also ordering new protocols. >> we will ensure that water clarity tests at all pools are connected with something called a secy disk, which is a 5-inch diameter, black-and-white disk, that must be visible when placed at the bottom of the pool. >> reporter: they'll also require routine checks and the district attorney is still investigating. >> reporter: and a thorough investigation is necessary to ensure an accident like this never happens again. >> reporter: wall street is as
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hot as the weather today. [ stock bells ] the dow has been climbing steadily for most of the day. the dow was up 152 and a half. s&p up 18. nasdaq up 20. let's go to new york, where alison harmelin has tonight's cbs money watch update. the u.s. government is officially out of the car business. chrysler has paid off its government loans six years ahead of time. the automakers made a big turnaround since its government bailout two years ago. of the 12 billion chrysler borrowed from taxpayers, $11.2 billion has been fully repaid. they are now forecasting 2011 earnings of as much as a half billion dollars. the company has cut costs of the jeep chrysler and dodge brands. american express has been reporting big gains in the second quarter. revenue rose by 12%, exceeding
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analysts' expectations the talking continues in washington, where president obama has now indicated he would back a short-term plan to raise the nation's debt ceiling and present financial default. the white house is pushing for a compromise that would cut the massive budget deficit, while increasing the borrowing power. and with its final mission complete, the space shuttle atlantis has secured its place in history. but with the space program now in question, thousands of nasa employees at kennedy space center will be laid off starting tomorrow. >> that's your money watch. for all of your business headlines, log onto money in new york, i'm alison harmelin. they were just selling lemonade to raise money for hermit crabs. now, two children are fined for holding a lemonade stand in texas. public officials say it is illegal to sell food at a park without a permit. the children's grandmother has been cited and is being charged
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$50. a judge will decide whether the grandmother will have to pay the fine. hopefully he will see the light, that it's a summer rite of passage to have a lemonade stand. >> absolutely. love that cold lemonade. still ahead at 4:00. transfer of power. nato hands over troll to -- control to the afghan army. but what was changed? >> back to court. will a judge relieve lindsay lohan from house arrest? >> it's stifling outside. the updated forecast is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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there are those fountains again. [ laughter ] >> people have to jump in them today. because it is just too hot. >> my unscientific thought is you can stand in there for one
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minute. until you just start melting. >> and that's with the water you're talking about. okay. because i can tell you that in the outback, without the water, it lasts about 30 seconds. but it is definitely a hot afternoon. you don't have to be told that. we urge you to stay safe, stay hydrated, stay in the shade, in air conditioning if you have it. we have heat advisories. they were extended by the national weather service, through saturday in the big picture. but tonight, until 10:00. so excessive heat warning in effect for all of the purple area you see here until 10:00 p.m. tonight. the orange color you see out in far western maryland, even this, has extended the excessive heat warning has extended farther into allegheny county until about an hour ago. and we still have code orange air quality alerts in effect for the entire wjz viewing area. that could go to code red. if you are subject to
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sensitivity because of heat, humidity, and pollutants, stay away from the outdoors if possible. we have 97 degrees now. temperature at bwi marshall. temperature has actually come down one degree. not to say that it won't spike again. we are at 97 now. we've seen the temperatures go up to 98 earlier. and now we're at 46% relative humidity. and the dew point is the key here. we always tell you that if the dew points are in the mid-60 degree range, with temperatures this high, that is where you start to feel the oppressive heat. and that's what we're dealing with now, with temperatures in the 70s. south/southwest winds. 29.78 is your barometer reading. we have 87 on the shore. 84 in oakland. we have 100 degrees in cumberland. so one spot did actually hit the triple digits. temperatures coming from the south and southwest, are going to continue this flow, a very warm air, tapping in as high as 100 degrees in dallas. and all of the areas between the northeast and over towards the southwest are all falling somewhere in that range. the high pressure in control is
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going to allow for that warm air on through the weekend. we have a front that goes up around the top portion of it, around the states, up near the great lakes that will allow potentially for thunderstorms. some of those could be very strong heading into tomorrow afternoon. and because of all of this fuel in the atmosphere, all of those storms could dump a lot of rain in a short amount of time. but the upside of that is that they'll also allow a bit of a break from the temperatures, at least from the short run. 8:28 is when the advisories will be lifted. right around that time, we'll start to feel some relief from the heat. but the sunset is when we'll start to really feel the temperatures start to drop. tonight, down around 78 degrees, clear, very warm and humid tomorrow. near record temperatures. the record is 101. very hazy, hot and humid. we are forecasting 101. wow. >> at least a time we could break it. >> very easily. >> feels.
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i'm sure everyone will stay inside to keep cool tonight. at thisat 10:00, it's the mentalist, immediately followed by eyewitness news let even:00. -- 11:00. russ mitchell has the evening news. >> the only way americans can get into space is by hitching a ride with the russians. so who actually won the cold war space race? the u.s. or the soviets? that story tonight on the cbs evening news. heartbreaking crime. a new york boy abducted and murdered. an update on the suspect and charges. and the deadly heat wave spreads across the u.s. our first warning weather coverage continues on eyewitness news at 4:00, with vic right after this. ♪
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it is 4:30, never degrees, and very humid. hello, everyone. and thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. hot and getting hotter. at this hour, an excessive heat warning remains in effect. hundreds are trying to beat the blazing temperatures at the druid park pool. and believe it or not, some people are sealing air conditioning units. some homeowners also report their units were stolen. this woman and her children will do whatever it takes to escape the heat, even taking a dip in the patapsco river. first warning weather team is tracking these dangerous weather conditions. let's get an update on the dangerous conditions with meteorologist bob turk and tim williams. >> take a look at the numbers. yes, it's extremely hot just about everywhere. upper 90s to a couple of places near 100. d.c. at 97. only 87 at the shore. a bit of an ocean breeze there. 85 in oakland. around the local area, temperatures again, in the mid-
4:32 pm
to upper 90s. annapolis and kent island, relatively mild, but very humid. but when you combine with a high humidity, it feels like 107 here. 113 in washington. 110 easton. feels like 100 degrees on the boardwalk. we have an excessive heat warning in effect. each afternoon and evening hours, until about 10:00 tonight. the entire region, they're 102 right now. down to virginia, to our west as well. everybody there under the warning, continuing on through the weekend. tim is in the outback with a look at some other temperatures around the region. and what we can expect. >> we're not in this by ourselves. of course, we've watched this heat over the last week or two, actually, moving in across the south and southwest. temperatures were in the 100s, about 10 days ago. now, all the way up to syracuse, up to the northeast, we're seeing temperatures as
4:33 pm
well, into the 90s. 96 in burlington. we have 98 in syracuse, which was just at 100, a few moments ago. and this extreme heat and humidity will continue on through the weekend. until bob mentions, it's over bermuda. it is allowing for that very warm air to come in from the southwest. we'll continue to keep you posted on this heat wave that we're experiencing. and we'll have more on your updates in just a few moments. back inside. >> okay, tim and bob. thank you. not just hot here in maryland. it is gripping the east in the rockies and could last through the weekend. first warning weather continues now, with mare solcastro, who is just down the road. down 95 in washington, d.c. >> searing temperatures continue to grip much of the country. more than 141 million people have been facing advisories in a heat wave that has broiled 34 states with 100-plus temperatures. across the country, the unrelenting heat is responsible for at least 22 deaths.
4:34 pm
this noaa animation shows the heat wave in red, like a rash across the central u.s. and now, it's closing in on the east coast. it's all the result of what is called a heat dome, which forms when a ridge of high pressure in the upper atmosphere compresses the hot, moist air underneath it. at the same time, the jet stream is pushing northward, keeping any cool air north in canada. >> how is the heat treating you? >> it's tough. >> here in washington, d.c., the mercury is just beginning to soar. these d.c. firemen have to answer the call, no matter how hot it gets. >> you just learn to deal with it. like i say, stay hydrated. and when we do work approximate in it -- work in it, you try to pace yourself and ask for relief. >> reporter: that relief can come from this cooling truck that follows firefighters to emergencies. >> the whole purpose of it is to provide the firefighters with a cooling station. >> reporter: the air- conditioned truck is equipped with cool water and gatorade,
4:35 pm
as well as medical equipment. >> looks like you can each -- even check vital signs. >> and they carry portable misting stations. >> try to stay cool, out of the sun. if duty calls, we gotta go. >> wjz 13 is always on. check in for first warning weather coverage, for updates on the forecast, and the updated radar any time, log onto afghan security forces are taking control of more more and more of their country. but there are still concerns they aren't ready for the job. kai is live in the newsroom with the latest on the transitional process. >> vic, even in the most peaceful profferins of herat, they are -- province of herat. many afghans are concerned. some are concerned terrorists will take advantage and step up their attacks. soldiers from the afghan national army are carrying out checks on people, as well as cars. nato is building up the afghan
4:36 pm
army and police with the aim that foreign combat troops can withdraw from afghanistan completely by the end of 2014. vic? >> kai, thank you. the u.s. has spent more than $400 billion on the afghan conflict so far. two westbounds and counting. lawmakers are raising the debt ceiling, or the u.s. could default on its loans for the first time ever. danielle nottingham reports for weaj, from washington-- wjz from washington. >> reporter: one by one, senators are sounding off about the tea party backed debt plan called cut back and balance. >> that is what america wants and it's what washington needs. >> the proposal that is before us could turn a recession into a depression. >> i think it's a superior piece of legislation. it's not a serious proposal. >> reporter: the plan increases the debt limit, in exchange for billions of dollars in immediate spending cuts, limits on future spending, and a constitutional amendment, requiring a balanced federal
4:37 pm
budget. it passed the house earlier this week, but it doesn't have a chance of passing the democratic-controlled senate. >> reporter: the bipartisan plan from the so-called gang of six, appeared to have a chance, but now it's losing momentum. some lawmakers think it's too big to pass before the august 2nd deadline. and critics argue it has big tax hikes buried inside. >> reporter: republican leaders say that's a deal breaker. >> listen, i never voted to raise taxes and i don't intend to. >> reporter: even though it's coming down to the wire, the obama administration wants to sunday a clear message to financial markets. >> we remain absolutely confident that the united states will not for the first time default on its obligations. >> reporter: with less than two weeks left, lawmakers are once again talking about a short- term fix. if they can't find common ground, the nation may not be able to pay its bills, leading to higher interest rates for every american. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> so who is to blame for this
4:38 pm
money mess? complete coverage continues now with mary at with more on this. mary? >> reporter: well, vic, wjz wants to know, if a deal is not reached, who will you blame? do you blame president obama? congress? both sides? or are you not sure? as you can see, 21% blame the president. 31% blame congress. and 46% say both are to blame. you still have time to cast your vote. just cast your vote. the poll is on the right-hand side of our page. >> president obama is visiting college park tomorrow as part of a town hall meeting on the debt ceiling talks. i'll be there to lead wjz's coverage of the president's visit. a warning tonight for the centers for disease control, about a popular king of pets some of your children may have in the house right now, a kind of pet, that should say. gigi barnett is following this story from the newsroom. >> water frogs are easy to care for in aquariums and fish tanks, but they're being linked
4:39 pm
now to poison. that's because they can carry salmonella bacteria. those highest at risk are those under the age of 5. the cdc says young children should not be anywhere near the amphibians at home or at school. and if they do come in contact with those frogs or other amphibians or reptiles, they should immediately wash their hands with soap and water. >> reporter: salmonella bacteria poisoning is a very serious health problem. common problems include abdominal cramping, diarrhea and vomiting. in some cases, it requires hospitalization. a couple of new accidents out there. southbound on 795, we have an accident out there at the beltway, that is involving an overturned vehicle. another accident southbound on the harrisburg expressway, at warren road. moving back over to the beltway, the west side -- inner loop, delays there. and pretty much the same
4:40 pm
situation on the outer loop. that's heavy from liberty road to baltimore national pike. average speed about 45 miles an hour. over on the north side of the outer loop, stop and go there from york road to charles street. and northbound 95, plenty of congestion there. it's just bumper to bumper, from 32 to 175. let's now take a live look. you can see, there's a look at the harrisburg expressway at warren road. and we'll take another look there. we've got a bit of congestion there to get onto the ramp at 95. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. if you or someone you know has suffered a personal injury, call 1-800-the firm. or visit them online at for your free consultation. never forget. that's the message of an event downtown today to remember a hero's loss. a commemorative 9/11 stair climb was held at the hilton hotel. firefighters climbed the stairs, equaling 110 flights, the same number as the world
4:41 pm
trade center. it is to pay tribute to the members of the fire department who gave their lives bravely when terrorists tried to take our freedom. straight ahead on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. justice, three years in the making. an update on a young woman's battle to work at abercrombie and fitch. the governor sues a pennsylvania woman for a rare set of coins. we'll tell you why. and high heat blanketing maryland. is there and relief -- any relief in sight? ,,,,,,,,,,
4:42 pm
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4:44 pm
casey anthony tells her own story. a freelance producer says he has the scoop.
4:45 pm
mary bubala has more on the claims the producer is making. >> al taylor said he met with casey anthony in palm springs, california. everybody is wondering where casey anthony went when she was released from jail earlier this month. al taylor, a freelance producer, said he got a call from an anthony representative tuesday morning. they agreed to meet somewhere in palm springs to make the deal. taylor spoke about the meeting on cnn. >> here's what we want to do. we want to do an interview with her. and we know with the boycott possibilities hire in the united states, that we'll probably have to sell it overseas and end up giving it away here. so we can boycott it. >> let me ask you this. what was her demeanor? >> surprisingly, normal, after all she's been thru through. the first thing she said after we had the meeting was, where's my check. >> taylor said he gave anthony a $50,000aa a down payment check. >> casey anthony was acquitted
4:46 pm
on charges that he killed her daughter caylee. pablo guzman has more on what a medical examiner found. >> reporter: brooklyn d.a. says now that medical facts are in on how libee closeki was killed, it is now more gruesome than first thought. >> you can speculate how having lig tur marcos the wrist may give you some idea of whether the child was kept in a position. >> the medical report was needed to bring the charges against levy aaron. before the boy was smothered, he was given a combination of drugs, muscle relaxants and painkillers. >> the medical examiner has determined the cause of death to be acute intoxication. >> reporter: dr. harris straight ner, an addiction specialist explains what that combination of narcotics given to a little boy could mean.
4:47 pm
>> what this does to an 8-year- old boy is breathing and respiration is suppressed, and eventually can stop. and eventually, the heart can stop. >> meanwhile, even though there is now an indictment for murder, crime scene detectives will still be at aaron's home, removing evidence for the next couple of days. because cbs 2 has learned in some of those boxes you see being taken out of aaron rae home, it's a sizable quantity. thursday afternoon, cbs has learned that they will dig up his body again to see if there is other evidence that leads to other missing children. >> the family of the 8-year-old boy has set up a website in his honor to raise money for needy children and their families. after fighting for three long years in court, a muslim woman has won a discrimination case against abercrombie and fitch. the woman was not hired because
4:48 pm
she was wearing a religious head scarf. abercrombie must pay $20,000. this summer, a former employee was fired because she refused to remove her head scarf. community service projects. lohan needs to speed up her community service to meet a requirement of 480 hours by the end of this year. the young actress also gave an update on her drunk driving probation and misdemeanor theft cases. she will return to court in october to give another update. were gold coins left to a woman by her father. why has the government taken them away? >> reporter: this is one of the rare coins in the world. a gold double eagle from 1973. but somehow, 10 of these coins appeared in a safety deposit box, belong to this woman. >> she wants them back. and our position is you can't
4:49 pm
have them, it's stolen government property. >> reporter: with a face value of $20, the 1933 double eagles were initially minted at the old philadelphia mint on spring garden street, but were never issued because franklin roosevelt barred possession of personal gold to stop people from hoarding it during the depression. >> the official books showed that none had lawfully been released. >> reporter: but langboard discovered 10 of the coins in a safety deposit box that once belonged to her father. she took them to the treasury for confirmation. and the treasury kept them. >> the government said, they're authentic, and it's government property. >> reporter: the treasury believes the coins were were part of 34 that mysterily went missing-- mysteriously went missing. >> all of a sudden, sell being 1933 double eagles. and the conclusion was that he helped steal them.
4:50 pm
>> langboard sued. but the jury sided with the government. her attorney had no reaction. >> no comment. thank you. >> the coins were designed by a famous american sculptor. maryland smack in the mitt of a killer heat wave. bob turk has the updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
here's ray live look outside right now. that's the thing to be doing now if you can. >> there are smart people. i guarantee you, out on the water, where the water temperature is 80. it's a lot cooler than it is anywhere else around the region, except maybe at the beach, right on the water, or out in the mountains in garrett county. take a look at those temperatures for you now. take a look at the outside readings. we're at 97. we did get up last hour to 98. it may have gone higher in between hours. but officially, so far, 98. 73, dew point. it's about the same as it was yesterday. ask yesterday, we were only at 92 degrees at this time. south/southwest winds at 9. keep that heat and humidity
4:54 pm
just pouring in. barometer holding steady. 29.78 inches. now, because the heat and humidity will be around through the weekend, at least through most of the weekend, the national weather service has extended that excessive heat warning for the entire region. until 10:00 at night tonight, tomorrow night, and saturday, until 8:00, for the entire area, as you see. tonight, friday, and again on saturday. out to the west, it's a heat advisory. not quite as hot in the mountains, obviously because of the high elevation. but everywhere else, jersey, new york area, down into virginia, all the way up into new york state. really, obnoxiousious temperatures. 100 in cumberland. 81, ecelkton city. the cool spot, as you might expect, only 84 in oakland. if you're near the water, yes, there are cooler temperatures. and some of the suburban areas just dropped 82 out there.
4:55 pm
only got to the mid90s this afternoon. but most metropolitan areas reached almost 100 degrees. southwest wind can bring in that heat and humidity in, just obnoxious temperatures over the next couple of days. boston now, 96. oddly enough. well, not oddly enough. nantucket is only 73 degrees. that's nice. 98 in detroit. 98, chicago. kansas city, 96. minneapolis, finally cooled down to 84. 100 in dallas and a relatively cool in phoenix. 108 a bit there. miami, showers and 83 degrees. all right. not much happening in the east, except across northern maine, where it's cooling off for showers. there is a front to the west of us. i think sunday afternoon, and evening, the front is going to approach the region. there may be a pop-up shower between now and then. looks like we'll just be the heat and humidity through saturday into sunday. and then some relief coming as a little cooler air begins to move in next week.
4:56 pm
southwest winds by 5 knots. bay temp, around 82 degrees. tonight, very warm and humid. upper 70s, probably no lower than the mid-80s in the city. and tomorrow, 101 for the record. that's what we're looking for tomorrow. 101 degrees. hazy, hot, humid. there may be a pop-up thundershower, hopefully in some areas. it may be gusty, but it will cool you down temporarily. >> we could always use the rain. thanks, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. >> president barack obama set to hold a town hall meeting ,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. oppressive temperatures. people all around maryland are doing whatever they can to stay cool. you can see from sky eye chopper 13, lots of activity on the water now in middle river. and despite the excessive heat warnings in effect for most of maryland, we found many people working out, under the scorchinn

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